UNU’s amazing way to save Earth

I love riding motor scooters. I hate polluting. I hate poisoning myself, my environment, my neighbors, and mostly my city streets. I wish the city did not smell of toxic exhaust all of the time, and I’m ashamed when I contribute to that. That’s why I was so inspired by my last visit to Berlin, when everybody was driving UNU‘s amazing motor scooter. Well, maybe not everybody, but I saw them and I started to ask questions about them and do some research. I was very pleased with what I found out about UNU. Very pleased, indeed. I cannot believe that UNU exists, and I am so happy that there are automobile manufacturers that take is sustainability, efficiency and Global awareness of pollution issues too hard. Yes, this is a company that is completely environmentally responsible, and making massive suggestions about how Automotive manufacturers can change their practices. For example, they do not develop some massive Overstock, UNU only builds a scooter when you order one. When you order a scooter, you choose the color and engine, and they make that specific scooter specifically for you. It’s your unique creation. There are all sorts of options come including two different colors you can choose from. The battery was designed in conjunction with Panasonic, and it is an amazing device that promotes incredible efficiency. 50 kilometers for every 5 hours of charge. That is about days of an average person’s driving, who lives in the city, for five hours of charge in any type of Outlet in any wall. That’s what I’m talking about.