Which types of wood are used in rocking chairs?


Rocking chairs are comfortable and stylish. They are great for a night by the fireplace or some quite reading in the afternoon. A lot of materials and fabrics are used in manufacturing rocking chairs so that they appeal to different tastes and styles. Wooden rocking chairs are especially popular and have a lovable feeling of vintage to them. But with many types of wood available, you must choose the best type of wood for your wooden rocking chairs. In this article we will talk about the most popular types of wood used in manufacturing rocking chairs and the special features of everyone:

  1. Cherry wood:

Cherry wood is moderately dense, moderately hard and moderately strong. It is widely used in manufacturing rocking chairs because it is very stable in use. It is reddish brown and tends to get darker and richer with time due to the effect of light. It occasionally has dark streaks due to deposits of minerals. The rich red color is an elegant addition to a lot of furniture styles.

  1. Walnut wood:

This type of wood is dense, hard and strong. The heart of the hardwood is dark brown with a purple cast while the sapwood is off white to light brown. This makes the matching process kind of challenging and wild. Both can be used to create stylish styles that are both cozy and rustic.

  1. Maple wood:

Maple is very dense, very hard and very strong and this makes it resistant to wear. Maple furniture lasts a life time. But it is not recommended for use in very dry or very humid conditions as the wood is subject to movements because the texture is very fine with no detectable pores. The sapwood is usually used to make rocking chairs for its off white yellowish color while the hardwood is rarely used.

  1. Mahogany:

Mahogany is moderately dense but is very strong and durable. The hardwood is very stable and is resistant to decay. It is highly stable which makes it the perfect wood for outdoor rocking chairs. The wood is medium reddish brown and gets darker and richer with time. The sap wood is rarely used in manufacturing rocking chairs.


These types of wood are usually used for their stability and resistance to wear even after years of use in different conditions. Buying high quality wooden rocking chairs means that you are buying a piece of furniture that would last a life time.