Different types of love being represented

Different types of love being represented

Each time the word “love” is said; different love pictures come to our mind. Those love pictures might be mainly about the love that is felt in a romantic relationship. This may result from the fact that film industry, television and media have exploited this concept to make their audience get bigger and bigger. Anyway, we know that romantic love is not the only shade of love that can possibly be experienced. There are other shades of this feeling that people go through in their lives.

Love between parents and their children

This is the first form of love we know and this happens when we are born or when our parents know about our existence. For our parents, this kind of love is a revolution on their minds. They have to take care of a new life they have brought to the world and they are happy about it, although maybe they are also very exhausted. It is probable that you still have not felt what it is like to have children, but it is also probable that you have seen images of parents carrying and taking care of their sons and daughters. That is a way of portraying that kind of love.

Love between siblings

This kind of love is a bit exclusive. Not all of us have siblings but this is such a common phenomenon. If we are lucky enough to share the love of our parents with our brothers and sisters, then we know this form of love is based on respect and altruism. All parents take pictures of their children, and if you have any portraying your siblings and you, then you have a great example of how this kind of love can be represented through an image.

Love between partners

As it was said before, this kind of love is the one we think about the most when the “word” love comes to our minds. As a result of this, we have probably seen many photographs, drawings, etcetera, picturing the love of a couple or people who love each other and cannot be together, in the most dramatic cases. These depictions can be found in all means of communication and, together with the love images described above, are very nice to keep. If we are talking about physical pictures –a printed photograph, for instance- , we can keep it in a box together with other memories; on the other hand, if we don’t have any printed picture, we can take one from the internet and save it to our collection of love pictures.