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Importance of technology in real estate marketing

Recently, it was found out that about ninety-two percent of clients will surf the internet to find homes and fifty percent of the house search are from a mobile phone. Technology is useful to realtors today than ever in such a way it has not be seen in the history of the mankind.

How the ways technology are has impacted real estate

  • Enables timeliness: timeliness is a vital part of West Vancouver realtors. A lot of communication with the customers are via text messages, which bring about sixty-two percent response rate. When customers send a message, and the agent or dealers are totally unaware of it is destroy his business. Technology makes you send vital and needed information to customers Images and video can send to the client with even taken them to the house.
  • Technology takes your business where you can’t reach: technology is the tool for advancement and the progress of the firm to places where the realtor cannot reach. Your images can quickly circulate. The traffic that storms your website. Other people who are not in that location will be able to see the quality of the house you upload and then potentials customers can buy them. Distance barrier is no barrier with Burnaby real estate
  • It improves value for customers: customer service is crucial. One of the greatest problems is that realtor often forgets their clients. This issue is now solved through technology easily. Realtors can now send autoresponder mail to customers; they can easily be called to keep tabs on them. Excellent communication with clients can help broker to sell more house to subsequent buyers.
  • Technology makes better sales possible: high-quality images and video coverage of a property can convince a buyer well Most times when clients see the quality of the pictures, or they enjoyed watching the video tour which shows the impressive amenities of the in and out of the building, buyer are left with no choice but to buy. If you are worried about your client reducing the price of the property, why not try technology in the aspect of sales.
  • You can quickly receive feedback from your clients: a realtor you need feedback, with a proper communication link with your customers. This will enable you to gather comments and vital information about a property. Also from your website and social media platforms you can also get quality feedback too. These observations are necessary for the growth of your business.


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