5 Most Popular iOS Apps According to Their App Store Rankings

5 Most Popular iOS Apps According to Their App Store Rankings

The platform that brought about the evolution of the first evolution and took the first leap of faith is the platform that is still going strong. iOS and its app store has some of the best mobile apps known to man which means that the taking one of the top rank among the app store rankings is as tough as holding your breath to say the least. Still, these apps have managed to do something right and have become some of the best apps of all time.

·         Airtime

Airtime is the master of every single video chatting application that was ever made. Airtime can allow up to six people to video chat simultaneously using their Apple device. Not only that, it can provide the feature to share videos, images, songs and gifs in a group at the same time as the conference call that is taking place.

·         Gboard

Gboard is an alternate keyboard by Google. It’s not only just an alternate keyboard, but it can be placed among the top-dawgs of keyboards on the App Store. Gboard can provide all the things you need for emojis and GiFs. It can let you add images directly from your keyboard without any hassle. It also includes Google’s search feature that can allow you to turn your keyboard into a complete web browser with just the push of a button.

·         Prisma

Prisma is probably the only app out there of its kind. While there are hundreds of thousands of applications out there that can offer animation effects, no one can do it like Prisma. Even though Prisma received a ton of hate from the audience for being “amazingly stupid”, it still managed to make our list of the top iOS applications.

·         Pokémon Go

There’s a huge chance that you already know about Pokémon Go. Well, the only way you couldn’t have is if you were in a cave for the better part of 2016. The game asks players to take a stroll around town and collect characters from the original ‘90s Pokémon cartoon series. Pokémon Go is ranked among the most downloaded applications of all time and it is the most successful mobile game in the world, breaking the record of Candy Crush Saga.

·         MSQRD

MSQRD, short for Masquerade, is just your typical photo editing application that can let you turn your face into a monkey. Well, that’s not all. You can use some pretty cool filters as well. For instance, you can turn your beautiful smile into the Joker’s wicked and twisted one. It is debateable whether or not MSQRD deserves to be in this list, but its app store ranking made sure that it makes its way into the list of the most popular applications.